ORLANDO, Fla. – LongHorn Steakhouse is expanding its variety of steak cuts available at the casual dining restaurant. The new menu now features a special Steak Selection Guide, an informational panel that outlines the unique characteristics of the steak cuts offered at LongHorn. In addition to its classic steaks such as Flo's Filet, the menu also debuts two distinctive LongHorn preparations, the Porterhouse for Two and Rancher's Sirloin.

LongHorn's steak cuts include: sirloin, filet, flat iron steak, strip steak, T-bone, porterhouse and ribeye. The restaurant’s Steak Selection Guide provides guests with taste and flavor descriptions alongside illustrations of the restaurant's offerings.

"Steak has so much to offer and we know guests are most satisfied when their steak tastes and is grilled to their liking," said John Fadool, executive vice president of Marketing, LongHorn Steakhouse. "Our Steak Selection Guide sets us apart from other steakhouses by taking the guess work out of ordering, and giving guests a tool to learn about and explore the wide variety of steak cuts and flavors we have available."

New menu additions include two steaks — Porterhouse for Two and Rancher’s Sirloin — both with accompaniments prepared table-side, and an exclusive limited time offer.

Porterhouse is a 30-oz. bone-in steak that is designed to share, and is served with new signature LongHorn Steak Sauce made table-side with chopped garlic, rosemary and orange peel. A head of golden roasted garlic is included to enhance the steak, as well as two sides and two salads for $39.99.

The Rancher's Sirloin is a hearty sirloin that is topped with bacon, a bordelaise sauce and a sunny-side-up egg that breaks open to melt over the steak.

For a limited time (through Dec. 16), LongHorn is offering its Stuffed Filets. Customers can choose a freshly grilled filet that's either stuffed with white Cheddar and bacon, or stuffed with lobster and topped with a half lobster tail.

"The key to LongHorn's steaks lie in each cut's flavor and our local teams' expert preparation on our hot steel or open fire char grills," said Chef Kurt Hankins, executive chef, LongHorn Steakhouse. "Our new menu is intended to give guests a different kind of steak experience from the culinary twists we've added to our steaks to the wider variety of cuts and accompanying sides that you can only get at LongHorn."