NORTH SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — In 2008, butchers sold more serves of beef and lamb than any other retailer in Australia, according to Meat & Livestock Australia’s Australian Meat Purchasing Data collected by Roy Morgan. This is the first time butchers have finished the year as the market-share leader in red-meat sales since 2001 and reflects continued improvements in consumer perceptions of the quality and service offered by butchers, M.L.A. said.

Butchers finished 2008 with a 30.8% market share of beef/veal and a 31.6% share of lamb, according to the data. Woolworths was just behind with 29.1% and 29.8% share of beef/veal and lamb, respectively, followed by Coles group, Market/Deli/Other, IGA/Foodland and Aldi.

The industry’s front-line salespeople are retail butchers, according to Lachlan Bowtell, M.L.A. Trade Marketing Manager. "Butchers are ambassadors for the red-meat industry every day and therefore a vital interface with the customer," Mr. Bowtell said. "Given their crucial link in the domestic success of red meat, M.L.A. developed the Red Meat Networking Club back in 2003 to encourage innovation and sharing of product, merchandising, and value adding ideas with each other."

This avenue for increasing demand for red meat has focused on raising standards through product range, quality, labeling and growing professionalism in the butchery sector. R.M.N.C. membership has grown to 1,525 nationally, representing about 38% of all Australian butchers.

Also driving the presentation of point-of-sale type material has been ‘Counter Attack’, a program that comes under the R.M.N.C. umbrella. Launched 18 months ago, it aims to provide consumers with a greater choice at the butcher counter with quick-cook and easy-cook beef meals. Last year, M.L.A. produced 15 butcher workshops for 357 butchers representing 220 stores, with a core group of 50 participants reporting an increase of 15% to 20% on their beef sales.


Channel share of red meat (2008)

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