PHILADELPHIA – Dietz & Watson is offering its take on a classic comfort food dish, chicken Parmigiana.

The dish is a service-deli item made for slicing. It is lean chicken breast coated and cooked in corn flour crumbs with aged Parmesan cheese, Italian seasonings and topped with a marinara sauce.

“When we developed this new item, we wanted it to taste just like the chicken Parmigiana you make from scratch, and using fresh, whole chicken breasts, natural Italian spices, real aged Parmesan cheese and a wonderful corn flour crumb coating we couldn’t go wrong,” said Ruth Dietz, company chairman. “After we perfected the product, the next step was coming up with some great, easy to prepare recipes, and we came up with some real winners.”

In addition to the classic chicken Parmigiana, the company developed recipes for chicken Parmigiana hoagie and melted chicken Parmigiana foccacia.