ASHDOD, ISRAEL — Solbar has introduced Supertex, a blend of soy-derived, textured vegetable protein suitable for use in a variety of vegetarian and meat-enhancement applications. The blend is processed through a twin-screw extruder method. The blend’s proteins form into a configuration that, upon exit from the extruder, expands into a fibrous structure with the texture characteristics of meat.

Other benefits include water-holding capacity, a neutral taste and a pale color. Manufacturers may customize to fit a number of flavor profiles and identities.

“The major advantage of the product is that it’s easy to work with,” said David Kraus, global applications manager for Ashdod-based Solbar. “Instead of sourcing and blending functional soy proteins, textured soy particulates, stabilizers and texturizing agents in-house, food technologists and new product development managers can use Supertex as an easy and reliable all-in-one solution for vegetarian and meat applications.”