LAUREL, MISS. – Families are juggling packed schedules while the slow economy is forcing many of them to find creative ways to save money. As a result, Sanderson Farms has developed its "Pull from the Pantry" program, which encourages families to prepare meals at home with basic ingredients currently found in their kitchens.

From Italian breadcrumbs and pasta to rice and frozen vegetables, Sanderson Farms’ quick recipes incorporate using food staples with Sanderson Farms 100% natural chicken as a lean and healthy, center-of-the-plate ingredient.

Sanderson Farms’ Asian inspired Chicken and Basil Stir Fry or classic Italian Chicken Parmesan are just two meal solutions included in these recipes. And for something new in sandwiches, Sanderson Farms has developed Chicken Lettuce Wraps and it also updated the traditional American Chicken Pot Pie, with recipes starting as low as $2 per person.

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