BERRYVILLE, Ark. – According to a recent story in theCarroll County News, some Tyson Foods poultry growers under contract with the company are unhappy with new rules and regulations that were reportedly handed down by the company this week. One Tyson poultry grower since 1975 said he plans to shut down his operation rather than comply with what he calls "more stringent" requirements, the report claimed.

When asked Tyson to expand on this news, Worth Sparkman, manager of public relations, responded, “Actually, there are no new rules and regulations regarding our contract growers. We’ve recently held a series of meetings with contract poultry farmers in some of our complexes to talk about adjustments we’re making in operations in response to changing market conditions. For competitive reasons, we’re reluctant to share details, but we can tell you that we’re making some adjustments in the weight of the birds we’re producing at some of our complexes.”