DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – Sara Lee Deli has launched Meat Brought To Perfection, an integrated marketing campaign designed to increase awareness of the Sara Lee Deli pre-sliced and sliced-to-order products, focusing on its location in grocers’ deli sections.

“Our strategy with the ‘Meat Brought To Perfection’ campaign is to demonstrate that our pre-sliced and sliced-to-order deli meats are a premium choice,” said Don Baker, director of marketing, Sara Lee Deli. “We will talk to our consumers through multiple channels and use humor to convey the Sara Lee Deli varieties, highlighting the deli location while reinforcing we have great tasting, convenient solutions for those who appreciate the care we take to provide deli meats that rise above the rest.”

The campaign, which was created by TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles, includes radio and digital advertising, billboards, free-standing inserts and in-store activation. All profile the breadth of the Sara Lee Deli portfolio as a premium offering. The campaign is targeted to consumers who regularly buy deli meat and appreciate perfection in the smallest detail.

The new campaign showcases the high-quality and care that goes into producing Sara Lee deli meat. Attempting to connect with people who see their pre-sliced or sliced-to-order deli meat as “the hero”, the campaign tries to connect their passion to the program’s main message -- once a person finds the perfect deli meat, everything else works.

Sara Lee Deli will launch the campaign via radio, digital and billboard advertising in the following 11 markets: Boston; Charleston, SC; Chicago; Cincinnati; Columbia, SC; Dallas; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Greenville, SC; Indianapolis; Norfolk, Va. and Richmond, Va. The series of three 30-second radio advertisements, “In a Perfect World,” “Location, Location, Location,” and “Norm,” communicate that while life’s not perfect, Sara Lee Deli has the perfect variety of pre-sliced and sliced-to-order meats in the deli section.

Sara Lee pre-sliced deli meats are available in 18 varieties of turkey, ham, chicken and beef, including lower sodium options, and are sold in the deli section where Sara Lee sliced-to-order meats are sold. Suggested retail prices range from $4.99-$5.99; depending on the region of the country.

Sara Lee sliced-to-order deli meats are available at the deli counter in 29 varieties of turkey, ham, chicken and beef, including lower-sodium options. Minimally processed and contains no fillers, product is oven-roasted. The deli meatis available at retailers throughout the US with a suggested retail price ranging from $6.49-$8.99 per lb., depending on the region.