ROCHESTER, NY — Rochester Midland Corporation’s AuditGuard Program helps food manufacturers pass audits by identifying processing and sanitation deficiencies before they negatively impact their products and brands, according to the company.

As one component of the HACCP-based BrandGuard program, AuditGuard is used by an RMC Food Safety Specialist to conduct a variety of sanitation and production process audits on regular intervals.

Whether a meat processing plant is concerned with contamination fromE. coliO157:H7, or a fruit and vegetable processor is concerned withCampylobacterorListeriamonocytogenes, the RMC Food Safety Specialist works as a partner to identify deficiencies in the process and provide solutions and follow-up training to prevent a recall.

In-plant seminars on food manufacturing plant sanitation, employee hygiene practices, process control practices and other GMP related topics are part of the prevention and continuous improvement program in BrandGuard.

Rochester Midland is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for food sanitation, industrial cleaning and water treatment, as well as specialty institutional cleaning and personal care products. For more information, phone Lauri Calarco at (585) 336-2310 or email[email protected].