WASHINGTON – June US broiler parts exports decreased 14.2 percent in quantity and 3.0 percent in value compared to June 2010, according to the Aug. 22 edition of the National Chicken Council’s Washington Report. Exports totaled 247,125 metric tons valued at $280.33 million in June 2011 versus 287,957 tons valued at $288.93 million year earlier.

Hong Kong and Mexico were the top two parts markets and had increases in both quantity and value, which helped contribute to the significant lead that Hong Kong and Mexico had over other foreign markets. Broiler parts exports to Russia in June 2011 were 3,419 tons valued at $3.6 million, compared with 24 tons valued at $0.06 million in June 2010. Eight of the top 15 parts markets registered gains in both quantity and value in June 2011.

For the top 15 parts markets, combined exports increased 4.1 percent in quantity and rose 9.1 percent in value. However, “other countries” were off 43.9 percent in quantity and 28.9 percent in value when this June is compared with June 2010.

The disappointing performance of parts exports in June contributed to a lackluster first-half 2011 for the exports of parts. For January-June 2011 parts exports totaled 1,480,759 tons valued at $1,652.92 million compared with 1,501,854 tons valued at $1,545.32 million during first-half 2010, a 1.4 percent decline in quantity but a 7.0 percent increase in value.

Hong Kong and Mexico were the top two markets by a sizable margin. Ten of the top 15 parts markets experienced gains in quantity while nine countries had increases in value. For the top 15 markets combined, exports increased 9.6 percent in quantity and 14.0 percent in value this June over a year ago. However, “other countries” were off 20.9 percent in quantity and 9.0 percent in value.