CINCINNATI, Ohio – Cincinnati-based distributor J.B. Meats initiated a voluntary recall of 72,800 lbs. of ground beef after two local residents were sent to the hospital after allegedly eating medium-rare hamburgers and suffering fromE. coliO157:H7 poisoning, according to Fox19. There has been no definitive link between the illnesses and J.B. Meats, but owner Mark Wordeman initiated the recall for safety’s sake.

He said the suspect product was sold to restaurants in the Cincinnati area and the 10 to 12 restaurants he supplies have been notified and are no longer using the meat. He also said the E. colimost likely originated from a slaughtering operation, not his business.

He asked any restaurants that purchased ground beef and ground beef patties from this company between Aug. 18, 2010 and Aug. 18, 2011 to not serve the meat. The Ohio Department of Agriculture said some of the beef is possibly infected withE. coli. Each clear plastic bag and label have the establishment number "est. 1188" within the USDA’s mark of inspection.

Two people were sickened withE. coliafter eating tainted beef on either July 16 or 17, said Cincinnati Health Department Spokesperson Rocky Merz. Investigators connected those dots from one restaurant to where the restaurant's owners bought their beef — J.B. Meats.

Many beef packers J.B. Meats buys its meat from are located out of state. Ohio Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Erica Pitchford said an inspection team found the company’s facility was clean. "It's possible the meat was contaminated before it came to J.B.'s to be ground," she added.