WASHINGTON – Directive 5240.1, Revision 7: Food Defense Verification Procedures and National Terrorism Advisory System Alert (NTAS) Response for the Office of Field Operations was issued by the Food Safety and Inspection Service.

This directive describes Food Defense Verification Procedures that inspection program personnel are to perform and the frequency with which these procedures are to be performed, according to the American Meat Institute. It also describes additional actions that are required when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issues an NTAS alert. Key points include how NTAS alerts will be communicated; how to respond to NTAS alerts; how to effectively address and resolve noted security concerns to ensure that food is protected, thereby protecting public health; and how to determine whether an establishment has a functional food defense plan.

This directive cancels FSIS Directive 5420.1, Revision 6, Homeland Security Threat Condition Response – Food Defense Verification Procedures, dated Aug. 6, 2009.