MONTREAL – Supermarket retailer group, IGA is now offering Nagano pork in Quebec. The coveted Nagano pork is superior-quality pork that are raised in Yamachiche, Quebec, according to a news release.

Due to a partnership between Sobeys Quebec and pork producer and processor Aliments Lucyporc, Quebec consumers can now buy Nagano pork, which was made possible after the arrangement was developed while the Olympic Games were taking place in Nagano, Japan.

"We're very proud to offer this superior-quality product to all our customers. Nagano pork, available in various cuts of meat, is produced to high quality standards," said Suzanne Gagnon, director of commercial program development at Sobeys Quebec. "Greater marbling makes Nagano pork exceptionally tender and flavorful. Combined with a 10-day aging period, this characteristic enables us to offer a very fine meat."

This partnership will benefit not only Quebec pork businesses, but consumers who are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enjoy pork, according to Jean-Guy Vincent, president of the Fédération des Producteurs de Porcs du Québec. “ It's a partnership that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the entire Quebec pork industry, in terms of both economic development and sustainability," he added.

Almost the entire Nagano pork production was reserved for certain Quebec hotels and restaurants until very recently. Consumers are being urged to pick up Nagano pork cubes, Nagano pork tenderloin, or lean ground Nagano pork.

IGA is the largest group of independent grocers in Canada.