NEW YORK – Xianfu Zhu, chairman and CEO of Zhongpin Inc., is confident his company will do very well in China’s premium pork markets as that industry continues to consolidate. The company is a leading food company specializing in pork and pork products, among other food products, in China.

Zhongpin's upstream hog suppliers are primarily standardized live hog breeding farms and brokerages, he explained. “[The company’s] hog suppliers share the same commitment to the strictest quality assurance and control systems as Zhongpin and make their own quality control guarantees,” he added. “National quality standards, quality assurance and control requirements and high-end clients' requirements for the highest quality are satisfied.”

Zhongpin has national-level quality inspection centers, and each slaughtering and processing facility meets and complies with all qualifications, including ISO9001, HACCP, GMP and SSOP and other related standards, Zhu pointed out.

“All live hogs, half-finished products and finished products are processed under the strictest quality inspections,” he added. “As standard operating procedure, if contaminants or illicit or poisonous chemicals are found to exist in the processing lines, Zhongpin immediately conducts harmless disposal to eliminate all possibly contaminated material and contaminates. To help assure consumers they will receive the safest meat, the Chinese government will provide relevant subsidies for such quality assurance and quality-control actions.”

Zhongpin is recognized as a leader in providing premium quality pork products that attract and retain the highest percentage of high-end clients and customers, Zhu claimed, because the company uses high-quality hogs and advanced quality assurance systems plus quality control inspections. As a result, the company’s premium brand image is widely recognized by the Chinese pork industry and Chinese consumers.

As the Chinese pork industry consolidation accelerates along with the growth of Zhongpin, Zhu expects the company to continue capturing more market share.