KENT, Washington – Oberto Brands’ signature Oh Boy, Oberto! beef jerky line will receive a complete recipe and ingredients overhaul. Oh Boy, Oberto!, the first major brand to offer an All Natural Beef Jerky, relays the company's new recipe will use only simple, all-natural ingredients resulting in a flavorful, hearty jerky that is seasoned, smoked and dried naturally without artificial ingredients and preservatives.

"Our motivation for the change was simple: to deliver a better-tasting jerky that our consumers feel better about eating," said Tom Ennis, CEO of Oberto. "Oberto's new beef jerky recipe uses straightforward, natural ingredients found in any home kitchen. Our new product is now much tastier, much better quality and responds to strong consumer demand for more wholesome packaged snacks with simple ingredients."

This marks Oberto's first major jerky overhaul in more than 12 years, as the company looks to realign itself with its core customer and consumers demands. Its new All Natural Beef Jerky includes only the following ingredients: beef, sugar, beef broth, water, salt, spices, natural flavorings, natural smoke flavor and vinegar. It includes no artificial or synthetic ingredients and no artificial preservatives, such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein and corn syrup, as was called for in the company's previous jerky recipe, and is also found in most competitive products on the market.

"Our reformulated products will be easily identifiable on convenience store and grocery shelves with new packaging that clearly communicates that the jerky is all natural and minimally processed with no artificial ingredients or preservatives added," Ennis said. "We're excited to get this great new jerky out there. Our internal research showed that 83% of jerky consumers found all-natural products to be very meaningful, and the all natural product is our best formula yet and is significantly preferred over other formulas."

Oberto's All Natural Beef Jerky will be available in four savory flavors including Original, Teriyaki, Peppered and Hickory. The line will also include a BBQ Pork and Teriyaki Turkey boasting the same recipe, but with pork and turkey instead of beef. The new line will appear on shelves in May 2011, and the existing beef jerky product will be phased out between now and then.

Despite the switch to all-natural, higher-quality ingredients, the pricing will remain unchanged. The product will be sold in 3.25-oz. packages with a $5.99 MSRP. In addition, 1.5-oz. and 9.0-oz. sizes will also be available.