Producing safe meat and poultry products begins with acquiring top-quality raw materials and then using appropriate food-safety ingredients and treatments where and when appropriate, among other things. The following are examples of some of the food-safety ingredients and treatments available to processors today.

Rancidity protection
This past May, Vitiva, Slovenia, launched VPoultry, which is defined as a ready-made solution for poultry moisture retention and antirancidity protection for the poultry market in Europe. It is also approved for use in the US.

VPoultry is a combination of natural salt – sea salt, and Vitiva’s patented VivOX 4 formulation. VPoultry is a joint venture with FutureMeat, based in The Netherlands. VPoultry is a complete natural replacement for phosphates and other synthetic moisture-retention ingredients, as well as synthetic antioxidants used in poultry processing making it a preferred moisture-retention ingredient for poultry. It enables exceptional waterbinding features, improved juiciness and mouthfeel, according to Vitiva.

“Beyond its unique features and advantages in comparison to other synthetic ingredients used in poultry processing, VPoultry is very cost effective for natural liquid binding since it provides better yield and enhanced anti-rancidity protection of the product in comparison to traditional phosphates and antioxidants,” says Ohad Cohen, Vitiva CEO.

VPoultry’s features include: increasing yield up to 20 percent compared to non-injected poultry; it’s heat stable during processing; it maintains its anti-oxidative activity even at temperatures up to 240° C (464°F); and it provides complete anti-rancidity protection while increasing product shelf-life, according to the company. VPoultry also enables lower injection rates, resulting in introducing less liquid and keeping the natural meat juices.

“VPoultry enables poultry processors to receive a clean label for their products, making it the most desirable ingredient for improving product quality and functionality,” Cohen says.

(Photo courtesy of Vitiva, Slovenia) Vitiva is a growing company that provides advanced applicationspecific solutions based on natural extracts for the food, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. Its products include: VivOX, INOLENS, AquaRox and SyneRox products. As a science-driven company, Vitiva offers extensive technical support to help its customers launch new products in a timely manner.

New antimicrobial
A&B Ingredients, Fairfield, N.J., a developer, marketer and distributor of food ingredients, announced in late March the immediate availability of its new CytoGuard LA Antimicrobials.

CytoGuard LA is described as a powerful antimicrobial based on lauric arginate, derived from lauric acid, L-arginine and ethanol. Designed for use in meat and poultry products, it reduces bacteria levels in a wide range of food products by altering the cell membranes of the microbes, and preventing their growth.

“The efficacy of CytoGuard LA is not affected by pH,” says Gail Bakal, director of marketing. “CytoGuard LA has a wide spectrum of activity and functions on nearly all bacteria. It is effective againstListeria,Salmonella,E. coli,Campylobacter, yeasts, molds and lactobacillus, just to name a few.”

CytoGuard LA is also designed for improving food safety and reducing bacteria levels of refrigerated food products as well as ready-to-eat fresh cuts of meat and poultry and all types of prepared salads. Used at low levels, it typically does not impact flavor, color, texture or pH of product, according to the company.

The preferred method of application in CytoGuard LA is through A&B Ingredients’ SLIC (Sprayed Lethality in Container) technology. This system creates an antimicrobial solution or purge at the time of packaging.

Bakal says the active components in CytoGuard LA have been proven a safe and effective alternative to conventional processing treatments.

“Full toxicology studies and research have been conducted on the active component in CytoGard LA and were found to be a non-toxic compound,” she says.
Shelf-life extender
Wixon Inc. has expanded its Wix-Fresh line to include OatMax, a flavor modifier that extends the shelflife of meat and poultry products while promoting moisture and flavor retention. A proprietary blend of all-natural, oat-derived ingredient technology, the modifier adds the benefits of fiber, enhances the savory notes of protein and reduces the warmed-over flavor often found in pre-cooked meats. Additionally, it provides a natural, neutral taste and offers an even distribution within the blend, while inhibiting oxidation to give seasoning and flavor systems a longer shelf-life.

Elanco Food Solutions’ first food-safety product for the poultry industry, AviBron is a post-harvest carcass rinse that reduces Salmonella pathogens during processing. The product is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial rinse that can reduce Salmonella levels at multiple intervention points during poultry processing. According to the company, the rinse works in a wide range of water pH so acidifiers aren’t needed, reducing the risk of color and shelflife issues poultry processors may see with acid-based interventions.

Danisco’s new GRINDSTED Pectin PRIME 139 is a specialty pectin that delivers functionality, versatility and a clean label. With this product, the company is able to offer a single stabilizer that is effective across multiple applications while giving customers a clean label. This pectin works in a variety of culinary applications, including glazes and marinades, among others. Additionally, it provides a clean flavor release and effective particulate suspension while avoiding the undesirable textures and mouthfeel associated with some stabilizers.