WASHINGTON – A new campaign called “America Works Here,” was launched by the National Restaurant Association. NRA officials hope the campaign will help educate opinion leaders and legislators about the impact the restaurant industry has on the American economy,

"The 112th Congress brings many new leaders to Capitol Hill, so this is a great opportunity to welcome those new members and help them better understand our complex industry, and how they can help create an environment where restaurants can continue to be an engine of economic and job growth," said Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association. "We will also be showcasing the tremendous opportunities that our industry offers, as well as the positive role restaurants play in the daily lives of Americans."

Each installment of the campaign will focus on a specific theme in the industry’s story, such as the number of career opportunities within the industry, the diversity of managers and restaurant owners and the billions of dollars restaurants provide in charitable contributions annually in communities throughout the US.

Seeing the new Congress is intent focusing on job creation, the first campaign ad highlights the 13 million jobs and the $1.5 trillion the industry provides to the economy.