REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Yasheng Group’s shares of common stock are now being quoted on the OTCQB as a U.S. registrant, a market tier for OTC stocks reserved for companies that are reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Yasheng's core business focuses on agriculture and it conducts business selling six major product segments, including beef and poultry.

"Yasheng Group's subsidiaries have been consistently growing in China for three decades,” said Chairman Zhou Changsheng. “The upgrade to the OTCQB is a reflection of the growth of our company and recognition of our commitment to our shareholders to provide them with full and complete financial information on a regular basis as required by the United States securities laws and regulations."

Yasheng's move to the OTCQB is a continuation of its plan to move to a more Senior U.S. securities exchange in the near future.