WASHINGTON – An online resource from the National Restaurant Association’s (N.R.A.’s) partner Healthy Dining, "Restaurant Nutrition: News & Insights for the Foodservice Industry," has been launched. It will feature a variety of content on the most-pressing nutrition issues affecting industry today.

Topics will include complying with new menu labeling regulations, reducing sodium, calories and fat, improving the healthfulness of kids’ meals, offering a gluten-free menu and capitalizing on the growing wellness trends. Restaurant Nutrition is located on the Operators’ section of HealthyDiningFinder.com and at www.RestaurantNutrition.com.

"Restaurant Nutrition: News & Insights" also features weekly interviews with industry executives and marketing and culinary leaders. The first interview is with Dawn Sweeney, N.R.A. president and c.e.o., about the association's Food & Healthy Living Imperative. Ms. Sweeney shares her perspectives on menu labeling, the industry’s increasing use of produce and discusses a realistic and practical role for the industry in contributing to public health.

"Restaurant Nutrition will help provide the news and insights on issues that are at the forefront of our industry today," Ms. Sweeney said. "The N.R.A. is pleased to be a part of the launch of what we know will become a valuable resource for the restaurant industry. It is important for us to share why healthy living is one of the core areas of interest for the National Restaurant Association, and what great progress we are making as an industry."

“Healthy Dining has helped many restaurant companies from fast-food to upscale dining, prosper and strengthen their competitive advantage by offering Healthy Dining choices and accurate nutrition information,” said Anita Jones-Mueller, Healthy Dining’s president. “This new resource was developed in response to the industry’s interest in meeting the nutrition needs of their customers. It offers a wealth of content to help restaurants succeed in this nutrition-focused era.”

American Express is the founding sponsor of Restaurant Nutrition: News & Insights.

For more information about Healthy Dining, visit HealthyDiningFinder.com.