GUELPH, ONTARIO – Rothsay Biodiesel, a division of Maple Leaf Foods Inc. and a leading biodiesel producer in Canada, and FS Partners, a major distillate distributor in Canada, have formed a new partnership to deliver blended biodiesel to Maple Leaf Foods’ fleets in Ontario.

“This is a very positive development for Rothsay Biodiesel and the Canadian biofuels industry,” said Todd Moser, vice president alternative energy for Rothsay. “This partnership advances our biofuels fleet fuelling program by coupling our high quality, sustainable biodiesel with FS Partners’ established petroleum and biofuels distribution and blending capabilities. It gives us the platform to continue expanding the benefits of using cleaner, environmentally friendly renewable commercial fuels in the Canadian market.”

The new partnership considerably enhances Rothsay’s blending and distribution capabilities and introduces a highly efficient process allowing for superior control over blending levels.

“This is a significant source of differentiation from other biodiesel producers,” Moser said. “This partnership also positions us to expand our biofueling program to other Maple Leaf sites within Ontario in the future.”

“With each new business venture, it becomes more apparent that biodiesel is the way of the future,” said Tom O’Neill, FS Partners energy sales manager. “Partnering with a company like Rothsay Biodiesel, that is also a leader in driving sustainability in agriculture and the environment, is a positive step forward for us both.”

Final blended product will be shipped out of the Port of Hamilton, where both companies store their biodiesel products.

FS Partners, a division of Growmark Inc., has been a recognized leader in the biodiesel industry for more than 20 years. FS Partners manages the business in Ontario and distributes between 30 to 40 million liters of biodiesel blends ranging from B5 to B20 and as high as B80 to a variety of industries. It operates 18 FS branded locations throughout central and south western Ontario, serving more than 13,000 farmers and rural residents with products and services in agronomy, energy and grain marketing.

Rothsay is a leader in the Canadian biodiesel industry and one of the largest producers of recycled value-added products including the production of animal feed ingredients, amino acid supplements, and alternative fuel by converting inedible by-products. It operates six rendering facilities nationwide and a commercial-scale biodiesel facility in Montreal.