HOLLYWOOD – HBO’s critically acclaimed biographical film titled "Temple Grandin" won five Emmy awards on Sunday, including outstanding made for TV movie. Dr. Temple Grandin, who is autistic, operates Grandin Livestock Systems Inc., Fort Collins, Colo.; is a faculty member in the animal science department at Colorado State Univ.; is a long-time columnist forMeat&Poultrymagazine; and is a speaker on the topic of autism.

“Temple Grandin” was one of the biggest winners at this year's Emmys. Also taking home Emmys were – for outstanding lead actress in a miniseries or movie, Claire Danes, who played Ms. Grandin; supporting actress, Julia Ormond; supporting actor, David Strathairn; and director, Mick Jackson.

Centering on Ms. Grandin's school years, the movie focuses on her relationship with a special science teacher, who was played by Mr. Strathairn, and how she impacted the male-dominated livestock industry by developing more humane systems to handle and slaughter cattle.

American Meat Institute (A.M.I.) President J. Patrick Boyle congratulated Ms. Grandin in a press release. Ms. Grandin, who is an A.M.I. member, is the lead instructor at A.M.I.’s Animal Care & Handling Conference and a past recipient of A.M.I.’s Industry Advancement Award.

“Temple Grandin has done remarkable things for our industry and for people with autism,” Mr. Boyle said. “She has transformed the way we handle livestock and measure welfare. She has been a gift to so many people including those in our industry. And, of course, she has helped to enhance animal welfare dramatically.”

“HBO did a marvelous job in bringing her life’s work to life on the screen,” Mr. Boyle said. “She is incredibly deserving of the accolades she is now receiving. On behalf of the members of A.M.I., I say congratulations Temple Grandin and thank you.”