PLAINWELL, Mich. – Gun Plain Township is expecting its largest ever expansion project as the planning commission reviews site plans for a JBS slaughterhouse, reportsMeat Trade News Daily.

Construction on the 81,000 sq-ft, $43 million facility is expected to begin in the fall. The addition includes freezer and cooling capacity and would boost employment by 30 to 35 new jobs. Truck traffic would increase from 700 to 800 trucks per week.

Other planned projects for the facility would allow JBS to slaughter an additional 400 head of cattle per day, increasing to 2,200 head. The total cost for all planned expansion is more than $100 million.

Before groundbreaking, JBS and the township must agree on tax breaks. JBS wants a 12-year, 50% abatement while some Gun Plain Township Board of Trustees members think a six-year, 50% abatement is fair. The 12-year abatement JBS wants would equal more than $11 million in tax breaks.