WELLINGTON, N.Z. – Beef + Lamb New Zealand is working with Burger King to build demand and market positioning for New Zealand beef in Taiwan.

Burger King Taiwan approached Beef + Lamb New Zealand to support two promotions, one featuring Burger King's Western Whopper burger and a ‘King’s deal’ including the Whopper Junior and the BBQ Beef burgers, said Craig Finch, Beef + Lamb New Zealand general manager market development. The promotions will see the New Zealand grass-fed brand prominently displayed in-store on menu boards and tray liners, as well as on the Burger King Web site, Finch said. The Web site will also include information about New Zealand beef and New Zealand's farming systems.

“We launched the beef brand in Taiwan in 2008 to increase the awareness of New Zealand beef with consumers, and featuring it in Burger King’s 41 stores across Taiwan is an excellent opportunity to build the brand,” he added. “The promotions will run at various stages throughout the rest of this year and we intend to keep supporting them in 2011.”

Burger King wants to align with New Zealand beef because of New Zealand’s pure and natural farming systems, Finch said. The consistent quality of New Zealand beef is also a key consideration for Burger King in meeting consumer needs.

“This fits with our message that New Zealand beef is grass-fed, natural, safe and healthy,” he said. “Our activities on behalf of farmers reinforce that New Zealand beef is raised in a clean, green natural environment. We emphasize that cattle are free ranging and eat their natural diet of grass, and that the product is safe. The health and nutritional benefits of grass-fed production are another important message.”

Taiwanese beef consumption is small – just 4.6 kg per person per year compared to New Zealanders’ annual consumption of around 31 kg per year, Finch said. “This highlights a significant opportunity for growth that exists within the Taiwanese market,” he added.

“We know consumers have choices over the source of their beef and with Australia and the United States having the largest presence in the market, consumers have become accustomed to grain-fed beef,” he continued. “Our activities alongside a high-profile company like Burger King are designed to raise awareness of New Zealand grass-fed beef in the market.”

Burger King Taiwan is currently using New Zealand beef in approximately half their beef burgers, up from around a third in 2009.