COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. – Catelli Bros, Delimax Veal Inc., NRV and Specialty Meats Inc. announced they will operate under a newly formed parent company called Fontelli Food Group, which is the final step of a merger that took place earlier this year. As a result of the merger, the Fontelli Food Group now oversees the full integration of its veal as well as the processing and fabrication of its lamb and also offer a broad range of products – from feed to calf production to processing of veal and lamb for the foodservice and retail customers.

The name “Fontelli Food Group” was created by combining the last names of the two families involved in this merger – the Fontaines and the Catellis – both of whom have a strong history in the industry. The Catelli family began in the industry more than 65 years ago while the Fontaines have more 35 years of experience.

When asked about the corporate structure of Fontelli Group, a company spokesman told, “At this time, all the merging companies will continue to operate independently under their existing corporate structure – but will now offer national as well as regional distribution.”

“When we were developing the Fontelli Food Group name, we felt it was important to remain connected to our families’ long-standing traditions while continuing to grow and position the company for the future,” said Tony Catelli, president and chief executive of Catelli Brothers Inc. “The Fontaines, like us, are family-oriented businesses and we have all worked hard to earn a reputation for producing the highest-quality products using industry-leading food safety and traceability standards. We believe that working together as the Fontelli Food Group we will be able to build on that reputation.”

“The merger has created a stronger organization that allows us to expand products and services both regionally and nationally, better positioning us for the future,” said Alex Fontaine, president, Specialty Meats Inc. “The Fontelli Food Group name will always help us remember the hard work and dedication by our families that has brought our companies to where they are today.”

Now one of the largest veal and lamb purveyors in the country, the new company brands include: Catelli Brothers, Catelli Brothers Italian Bistro, Lido Gourmet, Chef’s Reserve and Summit Ridge.