NORTH SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Meat & Livestock Australia (M.L.A.) plans to re-launch its beef marketing campaign with a new A$5 million ($4.42 million) domestic beef campaign endorsed by the M.L.A. Board. Phase one of the new campaign will launch in October at the beginning of the summer barbecue season as part of an integrated consumer program including food media, retail, nutrition and healthcare professional initiatives.

Glen Feist, newly appointed M.L.A. marketing general manager, said the new beef marketing campaign is designed to get consumers talking about beef again and to help achieve an increase in domestic beef consumption in 2010.

"At this year's domestic marketing taskforce, peak councils and industry representatives gave M.L.A. a clear message that they wanted a beef consumer campaign that engages consumers at a higher level, leveraging the emotional bond Australians have with our fantastic product" Mr. Feist said.

M.L.A.'s beef campaigns have focused on the convenience and versatility of cooking beef meals since 2008.Enticemagazine was at the foundation playing a solid role in changing consumer cooking behavior and attitudes. The new beef campaign hopes to build on the success of this foundation by encouraging Australians to "trust their instincts" by reminding them of the things they love about beef — the deep satisfaction it provides, its desirability and its superior quality.

The strategy involves a flurry of campaign activity at optimal times of the year. Such a strategy will take advantage of Australian consumers' desire for different beef meals, such as barbecue cuts and casseroles, at different times of the year according to the seasons.

"The majority of Australians already eat beef twice a week, so growth for the category will come by making beef easier to buy and easier to cook; by building desire for specific meals; and by leveraging the emotional bond Australians have with our fantastic product — nothing beats beef," Mr. Feist said.