WASHINGTON – Broiler production for 2010 is now estimated at 36.092 billion lbs., according to the National Chicken Council’s (N.C.C.) most recent Washington Report. This revised total is 99 million lbs. more than the June estimate and 2.7% above the 35.131 billion lbs. in 2009, according to U.S.D.A.’s “World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates” report released recently from the World Agricultural Outlook Board.

N.C.C. added the board also raised its 2011 broiler production forecast to 37.173 billion lbs., 74 million lbs. more than last month and 3% higher than the revised production estimate for 2010. Broiler hatchery data indicate continued growth in bird numbers, as well as average slaughter weights increasing, analysts explained.

Beef production projections for this year and next were also slightly raised by the board. Although analysts raised the pork production estimate for 2010, they reduced U.S.D.A.’s projection for pork output for 2011.

Because cow slaughter remains relatively high, it is “boosting” beef production in 2010. Mid-year cattle placements are also forecast to be higher than previously expected, which is expected to “boost” steer and heifer slaughter later this year and into early 2011.

Since more hogs with heavier dressed weights are adding to stepped up marketings, second-quarter pork production increased. The forecast for pork production for 2011 was reduced a little since fewer sows may be farrowed during second half 2010. Offsetting this reduction, to a large extent, is the continued gains in pigs per litter. Regardless, the slower-than-previously-expected increase in sows farrowing are expected to dampen pork production next year.

For 2010, total red meat and poultry production is now estimated at 90.397 billion lbs., 380 million lbs. more than the June estimate but 0.3% below the 90.631 billion lbs. in 2009. For 2011, combined production is forecast to reach 91.494 billion lbs., 74 million lbs. above last month’s estimate and 1.2% higher than the revised production estimate for 2009.