SPRINGDALE, Ark. –The Wall Street Journal’sJune 23 Work & Family column features Tyson Foods’ chaplaincy program in an article titled “Praying with the Office Chaplain.” In operation since October 2000, Tyson’s chaplaincy program provides compassionate pastoral care to company employees and their families, regardless of their religious affiliation or beliefs.

Approximately 120 full and part-time chaplains at many Tyson locations who informally make themselves available to talk to company team members are involved. Tyson chaplains visit different shifts that work in the company’s plants and offices on a weekly basis. They informally make themselves available by walking through the productions areas, break rooms, offices and hallways of the facility.

The WSJ story contains comments from Rick McKinnie, director of Tyson Chaplain Services, as well as Tyson team member Lindy Capper. The on-line version also includes a slideshow and audio commentary featuring Tyson Chaplain Melissa Brannon.

To read the article and to watch and listen to the slideshow presentation, click:http://tinyurl.com/2exp8cn.