DES MOINES – America’s pork industry has referred to itself as the “Other White Meat” since 1987 to capitalize on consumers’ increasing demand for lower-fat protein alternatives. That slogan, however, may soon be retired — well, sort of.

National Pork Board officials said on June 9, during the annual World Pork Expo, the slogan no longer resonates with consumers and a new campaign may be launched in 2011.

Since the Other White Meat campaign began, pork consumption has remained steady — but beef and pork have continued to lose market share to fish and poultry, which can both feature lower calorie and fat contents. Although pork producers have responded by offering pork varieties that are leaner with less fat, the pork industry is concerned about consumer backlash that pork lacks taste.

“Consumers want healthy food and pork definitely is healthy. But they want taste and variety as well, and we have to communicate that,” said Ceci Snyder, vice president-marketing for the Pork Board.

“We are evaluating our brand,” Snyder told “We also will stress the need to protect ‘The Other White Meat’ as an investment. We will not be leaving ‘The Other White Meat’ entirely, even if it is less prominent.”