COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. – Catelli Brothers, the nation’s premier veal and lamb purveyor, has introduced five new  burger varieties featuring various proteins.

Products include the Veal Burger, an all-natural, fresh American U.S.D.A. Choice veal; Lamb Burger, an all-natural, fresh American U.S.D.A. Choice lamb; Meatloaf Burger, a custom blend of fresh ground beef, pork and veal; Gourmet Angus Beef Burger, which is 85% lean, 15% fat; and Gourmet Beef Burger, which is 80% lean, 20% fat.

“These new burgers have the same great quality and taste our customers expect from Catelli Brothers,” said Tony Catelli, president and chief executive officer, Catelli Brothers, Inc. “The lineup gives consumers the convenience of fresh, pre-formed burgers that go directly from the package to the grill.”

The new burgers are available fresh in the grocer’s meat case in a modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.) burger tray for maximum shelf life. “The burgers will retail between $3.99-$5.99 per package, depending on variety,” a company spokesman told “Each burger is 5 oz., there are four burgers per package and six packages per case.”