AUSTIN, TEXAS — Fuddruckers is introducing Fudds Prime. This 100% all-American premium-cut beef is solely from Fudds Herd, which the company said is born and raised humanely and bred for taste only on select U.S. ranches through exceptional lineage, open grazing and vegetarian feed.

Fudds Prime was launched at participating Fuddruckers in Texas and New Mexico on Oct. 13, according to Peter Large, chief executive officer. also launched today. "Better beef makes a better burger," Mr. Large said. "Fudds Prime is Fuddruckers newly branded beef that tells guests they’ve chosen better beef and a better burger. Fresh, never can only get Fudds Prime burgers at Fuddruckers restaurants."

No fillers or artificial ingredients are ever added to Fuddruckers All-American, premium-cut Fudds Prime beef. Fudds Prime burgers are available in 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1-lb. patties.