AUSTIN, TEXAS – Participating Fuddruckers will be offering a new line of sandwiches called Fudds Exotics, which are all-natural, free-range, grass and grain-fed game burgers and wild-caught salmon filet that are 100% antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Fudds Exotics cost approximately $8 a burger. Fuddruckers began introducing Fudds Exotics by serving ½ lb. Buffalo Burgers and 5 oz. Salmon Filets in participating Fuddruckers throughout North America on May 4.

This new category of burgers include:

* ½ lb. Buffalo Burgers, which contain zero trans fats and a good source of iron;

* ½ lb. Elk Burgers, which are lean, low in sodium and zero trans fats (available this July);

* ½ lb. Wild Boar Burgers are mild, sweet and smoky, low in fat and saturated fat, very low in sodium and zero trans fats (available this September); 

* 7 oz. Ostrich Burgers are lean and mild red meat with a clean taste (seasonally available beginning in November); 

* 5 oz. Salmon Filets that are lean, herb-encrusted filets, low calorie, low fat and contain Omega-3 fatty acids (currently available in participating Fuddruckers).

“Fudds Exotics burgers offer adventure, variety and ‘good for you’ attributes at an excellent value,” said Peter Large, Fuddruckers president and chief executive officer. “.....Fudds Exotics offers guests exciting new tastes with nutritional benefits and the same Build Your Own Burger experience they’ve come to love at Fuddruckers. We believe Fudds Exotics will become as compelling and craveable as our Fudds Prime burgers.”