WACOL, AUSTRALIA – JBS Australia confirmed that it delivered its first beef products to the United Kingdom under the recent Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement.

For the initial shipment, JBS sent an assortment of Aberdeen Black beef, which included hindquarter and loin cuts. 

Brent Eastwood, chief executive officer of JBS Australia, lauded the agreement and added that it would continue to strengthen ties with importers in the UK. 

“We’re delighted to continue serving our high-quality Australian beef to our UK customers, following years of investment and consistent exports to this valued market,” Eastwood said. “JBS is well placed to meet the rising demand for prime cuts and a variety of premium beef products, with the new agreement allowing us to provide even more Australian produce for consumers. We look forward to increasing trading opportunities underpinned by the free trade agreement and further strengthening our ties with our partners and customers in the UK.”

Murray Watt, the federal agriculture minister of Australia, explained that the UK Free Trade Agreement was one of the most comprehensive and ambitious trade agreements signed with any of the country’s trading partners. 

“During my trade mission to the UK it was clear UK businesses are eager to import more Aussie product and consumers want to buy high quality Australian produce,” Murray said. “I congratulate JBS on their first consignment, and for embracing this opportunity so enthusiastically.”

Nick Sherwood, managing director of JBS Global (UK), detailed how JBS Australia would navigate the UK market and continue to provide protein to customers. 

“This is a significant milestone for the Australian industry and will strengthen the links between UK and Australia, where our shared values in producing sustainable, high-quality agricultural products is at the heart of the agreement,” Sherwood said. “We always receive positive feedback from clients, crediting the Australian producers for producing fine meat with super eating quality and consistency. Our clients recognize the passion and dedication within the Australian supply chain, from producers to the packers, everything is about ensuring the best quality meat is in the box.”

Aberdeen Black cattle used by JBS are sourced from the Riverina region. The cattle are 100% HGP free, pasture reared, and then finished on a grain diet.

The new agreement started on May 31 with an increased tariff-free quote volume of 35,000 tonnes for the rest of 2023. The volume increase allowance will increase during the next nine years.