KANSAS CITY, MO. — Mark Bianchetti, president of the People’s Choice Beef Jerky, has seen the California-based business and the area around it change throughout his life.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles’ fashion district, People’s Choice has been a player in the specialty meat snacks industry for nearly a century. 

Continually expanding its presence, not only on the west coast but beyond, the company continues to work on growth and change in the snack space.

In this episode of the MEAT+POULTRY podcast, Bianchetti shares his journey in leading the business, alongside his son Brian, and daughter, Sara, as he prepares to pass the torch to the next generation to take the family operation into the future. 

With a commitment to honoring its roots, People’s Choice is also unafraid to explore new flavors and ideas suggested by its customers.

An example of that innovative approach is the development of a new product, Jerky Crisps, which creatively combines a chip-like product in a thin piece of meat.

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