WASHINGTON – The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) introduced the first edition of the Protein PACT Academic Advisory Council that will guide the new initiative on research priorities and the latest evidence related to meat production and consumption. 

The council features seven researchers from universities across the United States with expertise in environmental sustainability, human nutrition and development and combating hunger.

 Members of the council include:

  • Adegbola Adesogan, PhD, at the University of Florida concentrates on sustainably increasing animal-source food production and consumption, particularly focusing on the role of animal-source foods in childhood development.
  • Keith Belk, PhD, at Colorado State University provides expertise in red meat quality and safety, animal care, and international standards and trade. 
  • Mindy Brashears, PhD, at Texas Tech University specializes in food microbiology and food safety. 
  • Candace Croney, PhD, at Purdue University researches animal behavior, welfare and bioethical considerations in food and agriculture.
  • Craig Gundersen, PhD, at Baylor University focuses on identifying the causes and consequences of food insecurity and evaluating the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program).
  • Alexa Lamm, PhD, at the University of Georgia works on identifying the most effective ways to communicate about agricultural and environmental science with stakeholders and the public. 
  • Jason Rowntree, PhD, at Michigan State University measures and manages the ecological impacts of livestock grazing systems. 

During the announcement, Julie Anna Potts, president and chief executive officer of NAMI, thanked the first-time council members.

“The Meat Institute and our Protein PACT partners are making tangible progress toward ambitious goals for the health of animals, people, communities and the planet,” Potts said. “The Protein PACT Academic Advisory Council will play a critical role in ensuring that our efforts are informed by the latest evidence, as well as helping us to identify and fill research gaps.” 

The first in-person meeting of the advisory council will be at the 2023 Protein PACT Summit in October.