TURKU, FINLAND – Finnish poultry company HKScan recently announced that it would invest 4.6 million euros to increase automation levels at the company’s Rauma, Finland poultry plant.

The company said the decision would reduce up to 35 jobs and additionally would change more than 200 jobs.

HKScan said the job reduction would include retirements, department transfers and changes in tasks that would be implemented during the first half of 2024.

The company expects automation investment and restructuring to lead to total annual savings of 3 million euros, which will be realized in the second half of 2024.

“At HKScan, we determinedly focus on improving the profitability of our core business, which is one of our main priorities this year,” said Jarl Leija, executive vice president for business unit Finland. “The aim of increased automation levels in the Rauma unit is to achieve a clear improvement in profitability. The investment will also improve staff well-being at work and product quality.”

Leija noted that in recent years the Rauma unit has undergone significant development work thanks to good cooperation between management and employees.

“This good collaboration was also reflected in the constructive spirit of the statutory negotiations,” he said. “With the changes we are now implementing, we are building a stronger foundation for the future competitiveness of our poultry business. The category of poultry products is a growing and strategically important one for the company.”

The Rauma poultry investment was a continuation of productivity and profitability improvement programs launched by the poultry business during 2020.