CHELSEA, MASS. — al fresco All Natural has added Chipotle Chorizo with Mango to its growing line of chicken sausage. This product line is manufactured by Kayem Foods Inc. the largest meat processor in New England.

al fresco Chipotle Chorizo, which is made from skinless chicken meat blended with chipotle peppers and mango in a smoky adobo sauce, was created using an authentic Mexican recipe from the region of Tierra Caliente, renowned for chorizo. The smoky hot adobo is perfectly complemented by the hint of refreshing mango, according to the company.

"We know that not only is the Hispanic community the largest and fastest-growing ethnic segment of the U.S. population, but also that al fresco consumers are seeking out international flavors and cuisine to spice up the meals they prepare at home,” said Sarah Crowley, al fresco senior brand manager.

The sausage is fully cooked so it's ready in minutes. al fresco All Natural Chicken Sausage comes in 11 other flavors such as Sweet Apple, Roasted Pepper & Asiago and Sweet Italian. They contain no artificial ingredients, 70% less fat than traditional pork sausage and are gluten-free.

al fresco can be found in the refrigerated dinner sausage or meat section of supermarkets nationwide.