ATLANTA – Buffalo Wild Wings announced the launch of two new sauce flavors on March 1 and is promoting them as college basketball’s March Madness tournaments kick off. The new flavors, Buffalo Ranch and Honey Garlic, are available on BWW’s wings, sandwiches and wraps. The sports bar-themed foodservice chain said the new Buffalo Ranch sauce is a spicy, buttery flavor, while the Honey Garlic is sweet and savory.

As part of its promotion of the new products and to lure basketball fans to BWW restaurants, the company is offering several prizes and giveaways to customers, including tickets to the NCAA’s Final Four, in April.

“Buffalo Wild Wings has always been the best place to watch March Madness, but this year we have taken it up a notch,” said Tristan Meline, chief marketing officer at Buffalo Wild Wings. “Adding innovative Buffalo Ranch and Honey Garlic flavors to our lineup of signature sauces and offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for two lucky fans to further solidify B-Dubs as the ultimate destination to enjoy the tournament.”