RALEIGH, NC – The fourth phase of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Increasing Meat Production, Efficiency and Capacity (IMPEC) program will be available for independent state meat and seafood processing facilities until Sept. 1.

This financing round will include $15 million in grants from the American Rescue Plan Act that were approved by the NC General Assembly.

“The COVID pandemic showed us vulnerabilities in the food supply chain and the need for local products to meet consumer demand,” said Steve Troxler, agricultural commissioner for North Carolina. “We are already seeing benefits to agribusinesses, farmers, and consumers from phases one, two and three of this program, and we want to build on that momentum.”

Grants can include increasing production, efficiency and/or capacity. Other project categories can provide equipment and infrastructure, contractual/consultation, labor, training and retention, and other identified needs.

Eligibility for the funding includes state or federal inspection or production of further processed meat products under those inspections. The company can also be a federally inspected processor of shelf-stable meat or meat products. 

IMPEC’s program requires companies to provide $1 in funds or services for every $2 in grant funding. Cash or services must come from non-federal and/or state sources, and matching funds cannot be used as a match for any other federal or state cost-share project.

More information on the grants and proposal deadlines are available here