DECATUR, AL. — Wayne Farms LLC hosted the Decatur Relay for Life charity golf event for the 20th year, which has earned nearly $1.5 million for the American Cancer Society (ACS) over the years. This year, the tournament brought in $112,000.

“Watching this tournament grow and make the impact it has over the years, we’re proud of our team and proud to be partners with the sponsors who support us and this outstanding cause,” said Clint Rivers, president and chief executive officer.

The tournament has grown from the original 15 team, single-flight event to a maxed-out field of 35 teams.

“We’re maxed out every year now with players, sponsors and participants,” said Beckie Patrick, senior administrative assistant who has overseen management of the event since 2012. “It’s humbling to see our core vendors and suppliers step up and support Relay for Life and cancer research.”

Last year, the event raised $109,000, which qualified the Decatur area for top Relay for Life fundraiser in the country.

From the funds raised this year, Wayne Farms Decatur has been listed in the ACS top-ten fundraisers nationwide for the tenth consecutive year.

Recently, ACS gave Wayne Farms Decatur naming rights to a three-year, extramural research grant focusing on ovarian cancer.