ATLANTA — After first introducing its Smokehouse Chicken six years ago, Church’s Chicken is offering the latest iteration of the flavor again, for a limited time.

Church’s Chicken chef, Kevin Houston, drew inspiration from the Texas-style barbecue he experienced on a trip to the Texas BBQ Trail between San Antonio and Austin and created the latest recipe with a full sensory experience in mind. An order of the Original Smokehouse Chicken consists of half chicken that is marinated, fried and glazed with a combination of sweet and savory flavors.

“I was so excited to dive back into our delicious Original Smokehouse Chicken recipe and bring it back to our restaurants just in time for summer,” Houston said. “Exploring other flavor variations — such as last year’s Bourbon Black Pepper — and showcasing our innovation always pleases our guests, but I know fans will be thrilled to hear the Original Smokehouse Chicken is back on the menu once again.”

A combo meal starting at $6 includes the Original Smokehouse Chicken, mashed potatoes and a honey-butter biscuit. For anyone craving something sweet after the meal, Church’s is featuring a peach cobbler built on a honey-butter biscuit.

The Original Smokehouse Chicken is available starting May 26 at Church’s Chicken restaurants.