BERKELEY, CALIF. — Prime Roots is setting its sights on the bulk deli category, adding deli meats and charcuterie to its lineup of koji-based meat alternatives.

The company uses koji, a filamentous fungus native to Japan, to make protein-rich analogs that mimic the taste and texture of animal meat. Its new Koji Meat line includes hams, turkey and salami, all of which may be hand-sliced in true deli style. Rounding out the selection are Koji Pâtés, pepperoni and foie gras.

Available in nostalgic flavors like cracked black pepper turkey and savory, smoky ham, the deli meats and charcuterie products are naturally umami-rich, GMO-free and have simple ingredient lists, according to the company.

Prime Roots in 2020 launched Koji Bacon, which it created by mixing koji with plant-based fats to create a block of “pork belly” that is wood smoked and cut into strips. It has developed and launched more than 30 products over the past two years, testing and selling several formats of koji-based meat alternatives.

The company aims to reach a wider audience of meat eaters directly by turning its attention to the bulk deli category. Its goal is to encourage regular, simple swaps by offering the Koji Meat line as an option alongside animal meats in restaurants, deli cases and sandwich shops throughout the United States.