KANSAS CITY, MO. – As part of its 2022 line-up of sanctioned competitive barbecue events in the coming year, the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) is paying homage to one of the legends of low-and-slow cooking, Johnny Trigg. KCBS announced on Feb. 3, plans to include a series of contests to honor the man known as the “Godfather of Barbeque.” KCBS will include a Johnny Trigg Shootout points-based competition at up to 10 competitions held in Trigg’s home state of Texas in the coming year, with additional cash awards and trophies going to winners at each of these sanctioned events and naming a Johnny Trigg Shootout champion at the end of the year.

Trigg, who has competed alongside his wife as the “Smokin’ Triggers” since 1991, is one of the most successful and respected competitors on the barbecue circuit. Trigg’s notoriety was bolstered after he appeared on several seasons of TLC’s “Barbeque Pitmasters,” TV series and by winning the prestigious Jack Daniel’s Invitational competition on two occasions.

His influence on the sport of barbecue has inspired hundreds of competitors and wannabe barbecue cooks across the country, said Emily Detwiler, chief executive officer of KCBS.

“Pitmasters young and more seasoned look up to Johnny and aspire to have the success he’s had. They also love seeing him at contests,” she said. “Being crowned the Johnny Trigg Shootout champion will bring a tremendous amount of bragging rights and respect.”

Trigg said barbecue is his passion and he appreciates the lifelong relationships he’s developed over the years.

“I’ve cooked and made friends around the world. I’ve cooked Coast to Coast and from Canada to Mexico. I’ve made friends around the country and the world, cooking in Switzerland and for the troops in Kuwait.

“I’m so honored to have this shootout come together.”

Scheduled events for the shootout include the following dates and locations with plans to add more dates and locations (For more information on the competition and updates to the Johnny Trigg Shootout, go to www.KCBS.us):

  • Amarillo, Texas                Inaugural Yellow City BBQ Shootout                          March 20
  • Cedar Park, Texas           Cedar Fest BBQ Cook-Off                           April 1-2
  • Lubbock, Texas                Wine, Brews & BBQ                                    April 29-30
  • Lake Murvaul, Texas      Lake Murvaul BBQ Cook-Off                     June 24-25