KANSAS CITY, MO. — According to a recent online survey of meat and poultry processors and executives, most of the 560-plus respondents rated industry news/updates as the category they “Most preferred/would like to receive more” when it comes to the information they receive electronically.

Conversely, a majority of respondents said they are most likely to delete opinion-based blogs from their inbox without reading.

After industry news, which nearly 84% of respondents ranked as the “Most preferred-would like to receive more” category, processor responses showed the strongest demand for: “market data and trends,” (70%); followed by “profiles of processing companies” (61%); “new food product rollouts” (53%); and “new equipment and technologies” (52%).

When asked, “Which are you more likely to delete from your inbox without reading,” most respondents (61%) selected “An opinion-based blog,” while just 5% indicated they would delete a series of industry-focused news and trends stories.

The obtain details about the complete survey, commissioned by publishers of Meat&Poultry magazine and facilitated by an online research and information firm, send an e-mail to[email protected].