MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO- Meat processor Maple Leaf Foods declared December as National Bacon Month for its Canadian customers. 

The company released some bacon information on Dec. 1 with everything leading up to National Bacon Day on Dec. 30.

"Canadians' passion for bacon is unmistakable in our new poll results. In fact, 12% of Canadians think bacon should be our national food," said Janet Riley, vice president of communications at Maple Leaf Foods. "A single day seemed insufficient to celebrate all that bacon means to Canada, so we're expanding National Bacon Day into National Bacon Month."

Maple Leaf encourages Canadians to celebrate various types of bacon in creative ways during holiday festivities, from classic bacon at breakfast to bacon desserts.

A Bacon Month Survey by the company found some other interesting responses. About 57% of Canadians prefer to prepare their bacon on the stove top, pan fried. Another 30% like to enjoy it grilled or barbecued, and the results are nearly split between Canadians who prefer crispy bacon (42%) or a combination of a bit crispy and a bit soft (49%).

When Canadians were asked about their inclinations for bacon, many would consider traditional pairings, whether on a burger (82%) or on the national dish, poutine (39%). In another question, 21% of Canadians would consider using bacon as an ingredient in pancakes and 7% would even consider using it to make bacon butter.

The company said the statistics were based on results of asking 990 Canadians who have eaten bacon in the past 6 months (June 2021-November 2021).

Maple Leaf also provided some recipes for people to try on their website