RANDERS, DENMARK – Danish Crown, the largest pork processor in Europe, announced it would not put the phrase “climate-controlled pig” on its packaging in Denmark following allegations that it is misleading customers at retail locations. 

“We think it's a shame, because climate-controlled pigs were a way of communicating that the farmers who supply pigs to us are actively working to lower their CO2 footprint,” said Astrid Gade Nielsen, communication director for Danish Crown. “We will lose the climate fight if large companies are not allowed to take part in it and communicate about the effort. Our sustainability program is one of the most ambitious in the world, and if we are not allowed to talk about our climate roof, consumers do not have the opportunity to choose the more sustainable alternatives.”

Danish retailers have seen mounting pressure by Greenpeace and the Climate Movement who claim that the pork processor misrepresented its carbon footprint in a recent marketing campaign. The Climate Movement has even filed a climate lawsuit against Danish Crown. 

The processor said that the suit has been brought up at a district court level and could move up to a higher court in Denmark in the future.  

“We believe we have a good case and look forward to getting a clarification on what is up and down,” Nielsen said. “At Danish Crown, our sustainability initiatives are based on the latest research in the field, and our initiatives are certified and verified by independent experts.”

Danish Crown added it would be carbon neutral by 2050 and will continue to talk about climate and meat.