ORLANDO, FLA. — Meyer Natural Foods, parent company of Laura’s Lean Beef and Meyer Natural Angus, announced at the American Meat Institute’s Annual Meat Conference on March 8 its new go-to-market strategy as the one-stop solution for naturally raised beef. The new strategy aligns the company’s core brands into one one-stop solution of natural beef offerings.

“Two of the fastest-growing consumer segments are health-conscious shoppers and conscientious connoisseurs,” said Bill Rupp, chief executive officer of Meyer Natural Foods. “Our vision is to provide retailers with the highest-quality natural beef programs to help them reach these distinct consumer groups. Laura’s Lean Beef and Meyer Natural Angus are uniquely positioned to deliver on those needs.”

Both brands previously operated as independent businesses. Combining them operationally allows the company to identify synergies, including natural cattle protocols.

“Our retail partners will benefit from the efficiency and convenience of working with one natural beef supplier, as Meyer Natural Foods will be able to manage stronger and more profitable retail programs in turn-key fashion,” Mr. Rupp said.