TORONTO – Spicy Chicken McNuggets are on offer at McDonald’s restaurants in Canada. The limited-time promotion marks the first flavor innovation of the item to hit the McDonald’s Canada menu since Chicken McNuggets were introduced there in 1984.

The Spicy Chicken McNuggets is the latest spicy chicken offering from McDonald’s. Previous innovations on spicy flavors include the Spicy Habanero McChicken, which is a permanent menu item, and the limited time flavors like the Spicier Szechuan McChicken and the Spiciest Ghost Pepper McChicken. Spicy Chicken McNuggets are available on their own or as an Extra Value Meal and come in 6, 10 and 20 pieces. Canadians can kick up the spice with the limited-time Spicy Buffalo Dipping Sauce.

“When our US counterparts launched Spicy McNuggets last September, there was huge buzz with Canadians asking when they would be launching in Canada,” said Rebecca Smart, director, Brand Strategy, McDonald’s Canada. “We are very excited to offer Spicy McNuggets as a limited-time offer, tapping into the growing interest for spicy flavors, and giving Canadians another way to enjoy our iconic Chicken McNuggets.”