ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. – In a note to its members earlier this week, the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) expressed opposition to the new FSIS order requiring workers at federally inspected meat and poultry plants – regardless of vaccination status – to wear masks when inspection program personnel (IPP) are present.

FSIS said in its announcement that the new policy, effective Aug. 25, would deny inspection at processing plants that don’t comply.  

“AAMP opposes this action and is in ongoing discussions with FSIS on the subject and will continue to voice our concerns for any regulatory action taken because of the mandate,” said Chris Young, president of AAMP in his letter to members. “AAMP is seeking conversations with others within USDA and the administration and has reached out to members of Congress for their help as well.”

Young went on to say that AAMP members oppose the mandate, and many cannot afford to lose their inspection. He said some members are prepared to give up inspection services on Aug. 25.

“We support you in whatever you decide and will continue to fight the mask mandate on your behalf,” Young continued. “If you're considering taking this stance, I encourage you to do a voluntary drop of inspection and then return to it after a set time frame. Doing this maintains your grant of inspection and avoids issues for your plant down the road.”

Young encouraged members to also express their opposition with their congressional representatives.