WASHINGTON — The American Meat Institute has joined a coalition of organizations in supporting Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to push forward a comprehensive immigration reform plan and work together to draft a balanced, bipartisan bill.

“The best — the only — way to control illegal immigration is to create a legal immigration system that works. Ultimately, that's the only way to secure our borders and restore the rule of law. It's also the only way to prevent the human suffering and social costs that come with illegal immigration,” reads a statement issued by the coalition, known as the Business Working Group.

“No one has more of a stake in fixing the broken system than employers who rely on immigrant workers. But it has to be reform that works for all Americans and for the U.S. economy. We look forward to working with Congress to pass a balanced, bipartisan reform package,” the statement concludes.

A.M.I. said it continues to educate and provide further detail on its proposal to enhance E-Verify with the Senate, House, and key Administration officials involved in this process.

The coalition has also launched an ad campaign urging for comprehensive immigration reform.

To read the entire statement, click:http://www.meatami.com/ht/a/GetDocumentAction/i/58163