KANSAS CITY, MO. – As it gears up for its annual convention in Oklahoma City, it is always a good reminder that the American Association of Meat Processors continues to serve the small and medium-size meat business in the United States.

AAMP members continued to adapt to health and safety protocols throughout the pandemic and precautions and recommendations changed.

So, what will these businesses have to do in the next step of COVID during 2021? For some thoughts on industry, the MEAT+POULTRY podcast chatted with AAMP outreach specialist Nelson Gaydos.

Gaydos details how companies are starting to find technology solutions to ramp production back up and keep processing lines moving.

Later, Gaydos discussed the challenges of figuring out how to educate members during the pandemic and what they can take from it to improve the continued learning in the future. He describes what overall thoughts the industry can take away from 2020.

Don’t miss the annual AAMP Convention which will be held in July 15-17.

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