WASHINGTON — In a recent letter, Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), chairwoman of the House Oversight and Reform committee, requested documents from JBS USA chief executive officer Andre Nogueira regarding the meat processor’s $11 million ransomware payment. The payment from JBS was made in cryptocurrency. 

JBS USA announced on May 31 that some of the servers that support its North American and Australian IT systems were the target of an organized cybersecurity attack. The Federal Bureau of Investigation identified the Russian cybercrime group REvil as responsible for the breach.

“Any ransom payment to cybercriminal actors like REvil sets a dangerous precedent that increases the risk of future ransomware attacks,” Maloney said in her letter. “Congress needs detailed information about the attack to legislate effectively on ransomware and cybersecurity in the United States.”

Along with documents, Maloney has requested communications related to the May 30 ransomware attack against JBS and anything related to the eventual payment.